Friday, February 13, 2009

Thank you

I neglected to mention yesterday that the inspiration for my blog's title came from a young friend, Hannah. She was showing me some tricks of the blogging trade. (Isn't that typical...the young will teach the older ones). I mentioned I hadn't thought of a name yet and she instantly thought of Vonna's Ventures. I liked it immediately. Merriam Webster dictionary offers this as a definition for venture: to offer at the risk of rebuff, rejection, or censure.

This blog is about offering my thoughts on a variety of topics and occasionally some of those topics just might be a little controversial for some...(and I can hear my friends who know me well say, "You think?") so there just might be some rebuff and rejection! :-)

Thanks Hannah!


  1. Wow thanks! Mom and I thought of tons last night. We were in a goofy mood, and the funniest title we came up with was "Vacuum with Vonna". That piece of inspiration came from myself, thank you very much! Great start!

  2. Mark is my cousin. He basically follows all the blogs I do.

  3. Vonna! Way to go! I'm excited to read more of your inspirations ~ keep up the great work!